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Table 1 Acquisition parameters on 16-row multidetector CT scan (Neuviz-Classic) for the regular full dose protocol (FDCT) and the modified ultra-low dose protocol (LDCT)

From: Submillisievert CT chest for COVID-19 patients in a rural hospital with limited resources

Tube kilovoltage (Kv) 120 80
Current (mAs) Automatic current modulation Fixed: 15–50
Pitch 1 1.5
Rotation speed 0.78 s 0.78 s
Scan coverage Full coverage of lung fields: neck base to upper abdomen Strict coverage of lung fields. Skipping of lung apices or cul-de-sac is tolerated
Image reconstruction (Kernel) F20 (3 mm) and F70 (1.25 mm) F20 (3 mm) and F70 (3 mm)
Direction Craniocaudal caudocranial
  1. FDCT, full dose CT scan; LDCT, ultra-low dose CT scan, estimated effective dose < 1 mSv