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Fig. 6

From: Assessment of low-cost surgical metallic clip placement for tumor localization in BIRDAS VI breast cancer patients undergoing neoadjuvant chemotherapy

Fig. 6Fig. 6Fig. 6

40-year-old patient with recently pathologically proven invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC) grade II, planned for neoadjuvant chemotherapy came for metallic clip placement. Breast sonomamgraphy after clip placement a1 CC View, a2 MLO view and b ultrasound images showing the surgical clip seen within the upper outer quadrant mass lesion with no significant clip artifact interfering with the image interpretation or evidence of instant complications. MRI both breasts c1 T1WIs, c2 T2WIs and c3 post contrast images done after one month of clip insertion and after start of neoadjunvant chemotherapy showing small signal void due to the clip observed in the center of the proven malignant lesion yet there was no difficulty in characterization of the lesion. After completing the course of neoadjuvant therapy, follow up sonomamography was done d1 CC views, d2 MLO view and d3 ultrasound images showing the regressive course as regards the right side upper outer breast lesion where the surgical clips are seen at the lateral end of the remaining lesion as seen on the ultrasound images where the clip seen in-place on sonomamography images which proves to be a pseudo-displacement

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