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Table 2 Illustrates a breakdown of the focal areas covered across the publications included in this scoping review

From: The use of technology in postgraduate medical education within radiology: a scoping review

Objective Focus areas
Recommendations on the use of technology in postgraduate education in radiology Address Challenges, Competency-Based Medical Education, Postgraduate Medical Education Evaluation, Address Covid-19 Challenges, Address Change, Decrease Case Loads And Increase Education, Web-Based Evaluation Forms, Web-Based Learning, Community Learning, Educational Videos, Pursuing Postgraduate Education In Radiology, E-Learning, Class/Conference Room Sessions, Social Media Usage, Assessing Professionalism, Artificial Intelligence, Web-Based Teaching, Emerging Technologies Adoption, Blended Learning
Extent to which technology is being used for training and education in radiology Patient Education, Flipped Learning, Telemedicine, E-Learning, iPad Use, Blended Online Techniques, Technology-Enhanced Learning (Tel), Artificial Intelligence
The effect it has on successful postgraduate radiology Gaming In Radiology Education, M-Learning, Mobile Technology, Social Media Profiles, Social Media, Raded, Adaptive Tutorials, E-Learning, Social Media, Case Comparisons, Digital Teaching Files, Simulation-Based Training, Digital Professionalism, Artificial Intelligence, Scientific Mobility