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Table 1 Lower male genitourinary tract cystic lesions (source: Reference [5])

From: Should asymptomatic small anteriorly located midline prostatic cyst in young adults be treated surgically or conservatively? A case report and review of the literature

Intraprostatic Extraprostatic Mimics of prostatic and para-prostatic cysts
Median Para-median Lateral
Prostatic utricle cysts
Müllerian duct cysts
Ejaculatory duct cysts Prostatic retention cysts
BHP nodules with cystic components
Tumors with cystic components
Prostatic inflammatory cystic lesion
Seminal vesicle cyst
Cysts of vas deferense
Cowper duct cysts
Bladder diverticula
Hydroureter and ectopic insertion of ureter