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Table 2 Clinical severity of COVID-19

From: CT severity score in COVID-19 patients, assessment of performance in triage and outcome prediction: a comparative study of different methods

Measured indicator/severitya Mild Moderate Severe Critical
Respiratory rate  ≥ 24  ≥ 30
SPO2  ≥ 93 93 > SPO2 ≥ 90 89 > SPO2 ≥ 85  < 85b
Respiratory distress None None Mild to moderate Severec
Blood pressure  < 90/60
  1. aPresence of any of the severity indicators of the more severe group places the patient in the more severe group
  2. bDespite high-flow O2 administration
  3. cNasal flaring, air hunger, intercostal retraction, subcostal retraction