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Table 1 Clinical presentation of patients

From: Imaging diagnosis and management of primary spinal hydatid disease: a case series

S. no. Age(y)/sex Symptoms Clinical examination
1 30/F Progressively increasing weakness in both LL* -MRC# grade 3 spastic paraparesis,
-B/L increased Deep Tendon Reflexes,
-B/L plantar extensor
-Superficial abdominal and cremasteric reflexes absent
2 50/M Weakness both LL*, frequency of micturition Spastic paraparesis
3 53/F Low backache, Right LL weakness, hesitancy of micturition Bony tenderness at low back region, MRC# grade 2 weakness in dorsiflexion right ankle jerk absent perianal hypoesthesia
  1. *LL Lower limbs, #MRC Medical research council