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Table 2 Clinical utility index (CUI) of the 4 modalities

From: Dixon chemical shift MR sequences for demonstrating of bone marrow vertebral metastasis

Modality  + CUI  − CUI
Value Rating (for case finding) Value Rating (for screening)
T2 Dixon (WO) and T2 (OP) 0.783 Good 0.375 Poor
T1 post-contrast Dixon (WO) 0.925 Excellent 0.636 Fair
T1 and T2 Dixon (FO) 0.894 Excellent 0.553 Fair
T1 post-contrast (OP) 0.826 Excellent 0.429 Poor
  1. Measures were calculated by Clinical Utility Index Calculator (version 4),, accessed December 2, 2021 [20]
  2. CUI positive clinical utility index (sensitivity multiplied by positive predictive value); − CUI negative clinical utility index (specificity multiplied by negative predictive value)