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Table 1 Systematic review of congenital subdiaphragmatic renal ectopia cases published (based on PubMed and google scholar search for “subdiaphragmatic renal ectopia” on February 16, 2022, as well as case reports in any languages found during the literature review process)

From: Bilateral subdiaphragmatic renal ectopia with associated congenital anomalies: a case report and systematic review of cases

Year Author Age Gender Presenting symptoms Laterality Associated congenital anomaly
1949 Baurys et. al. [19] NA* M NA Left NA
1955 James et al. [19] NA M NA Left NA
1972 Spillane et al. [22] 4 years M Pertussis Left Right diaphragmatic eventration
1977 Strakosch et al. [23] 78 years F Abdominal pain Right unknown
1980 Kaur et al. [19] 55 years F Pain hypochondrium Right None
1987 Aliotta et al. [13 12 mo    Bilateral Dextrocardia, absent left arm and spleen, endocardial cushion defect, Omphalocele
18 days    Right Omphalocele
3 year    Right Gastric outlet obstruction, mid-gut malrotation, Omphalocele
3 weeks    Right Trisomy 18, Omphalocele
1 week    Bilateral Omphalocele
15 days    Bilateral Omphalocele, Tetralogy of Fallot
30 mo    Bilateral Pulmonary hypoplasia, Omphalocele
1995 Kundu et al. [24]     Left NA
1999 Attia [8] 38 years F Chest pain Right Eventration of right hemidiaphragm, bifid ureter and duplication of left renal pelvis, patent ductus arteriosus
1999 Louzir et. al. [9] 72 years M Incidental opacity in chest radiograph Left None
2004 Muntaha [25] 14 years F Abdominal pain Left NA
2014 Utanğaç et. al. [20] 22 years F abdominal pain Left None
2016 Parmar et al. [12] 5 year M Ventral hernia secondary to omphalocele Bilateral Omphalocele, azygos continuation of inferior venacava, hepatic vein confluence draining directly to right atrium, retro-aortic left renal vein and spina bifida
2016 Zolotas et. al. [17] 3.5 mo M Asymptomatic Right None
2018 Peng et al. [14] 55 years   Abdominal pain Bilateral Primary anterior inferior venacava
2019 Hirayama et al. [10] 76 years M Fever Right Eventration of diaphragm
2019 Divjak [11] 35 years F Intestinal obstruction Bilateral unknown
2021 Elshetry [15] 71 years M Pain abdomen Bilateral Hepatosplenomegaly
2022 Our case 31 years F Pain abdomen Bilateral Hepatosplenomegaly, mesocardia, omphalocele
  1. *NA- Not available
  2. ǂ- Most of the diagnoses were based on intravenous pyelogram and may not represent true subdiaphragmatic renal ectopia