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Fig. 1

From: Automated breast ultrasound (ABUS) as a screening tool: initial experience

Fig. 1

Female patient 26 years old with histopathological diagnosis of an invasive ductal carcinoma type II. a, b Axial and coronal reformatted ABUS images shows a well-defined hypoechoic mass showing irregular outline in the left breast at its upper inner quadrant. The lesion measured 13.6 × 17.8 mm. c Axial reformatted ABUS image showing another well-defined smaller hypoechoic lesion in the upper outer quadrant (arrow) of the left breast, which was not seen by conventional HHUS. The smaller lesion measured 3 × 4 mm. d Corresponding HHUS of the larger left breast mass lesion, the lesion is well-defined, hypoechoic, having lobulated outlines and measuring 13.2 × 12.9 mm. The lesion was graded as BIRADS IV

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