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Table 3 Reproducibility in each HSG diagnosis. Level of interobserver agreement expressed in ICC (as equivalent of the overall k). (P value < 0.03)

From: The validity of HSG in infertility work up

HSG diagnosisICC95% confidence intervalInterobserver agreement (%)
Uterine cavity
 (normal vs. abnormal)0.93(0.77–0.94)96%
 Congenital anomalies of uterine shape0.80(0.80–0.95)91%
Intraluminal filling defect
 Sub mucous fibroid/polyp0.90(0.88–0.91)97%
 Uterine adhesion0.13(0.10–0.13)86%
 Abnormal uterine contour0.87(0.58–0.91)88%
 (normal vs. abnormal)0.81(0.81–0.86)96%
 Bilateral patency0.90(0.83–0.90)91%
 unilateral obstruction0.40(0.39–0.42)80%
 bilateral obstruction0.69(0.65–0.80)90%
Peritoneal abnormalities
 No peritoneal abnormalities0.54(0.33–0.56)74%
 Presence of Pelvic adhesions0.12(0.10–0.13)76%
 Presence of peritubal adhesions0.29(0.21–0.35)81%
  1. CI confidence interval, ICC interclass correlation coefficient