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Table 1 Site, number, and size of liver lesions

From: Assessment of the percentage of apparent diffusion coefficient value changes as an early indicator of the response of colorectal hepatic metastases to chemotherapy

VariableNo. of patients(%)
 Location of liver deposits
  Segment III413.3
  Segment IV620.0
  Segment V310
  Segment VI13.3
  Segment VII826.7
  Segment VIII620.0
  Segment VIII/V interface13.3
  Segment VII/VIII interface13.3
 Initial number of lesions
  Multiple (> 6)1155.0
Lesion sizeMedianMean ± SDp value
 MRI (cm) after 21 days  0.056
 Pre-treatment3.104.05 ± 2.73 
 Post-treatment2.803.84 ± 2.78 
 CT (cm) after 2 months  0.001*
 Pre-treatment2.983.87 ± 2.80 
 Post-treatment2.072.75 ± 2.38 
  1. p value for Wilcoxon signed ranks test for comparing between pre- and post-chemo. *Statistically significant at p ≤ 0.05