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Table 7 The cutoff values of the DCE parameters for the benign& malignant and borderline and malignant adnexal lesions

From: Functional MRI in the pre-operative assessment of GI-RADS 3, 4, and 5 ovarian masses

DCE parametersValuesSpecificitySensitivityPPVNPVAccuracyP value
Borderline and malignant
 SI max69671.488.290.460.885.70.001
Tmax192.6571.491.891.269.485.2< 0.001
 WIR9.9871.495.994.284.290.6< 0.001
Benign and malignant
 SI max99062.490.873.879.578.5< 0.001
Tmax14584.678.784.383.285.4< 0.001
 WIR12.875.968.582.675.779.2< 0.001
  1. Numbers are minimum-maximum (mean +/− SD) (significant if P < 0.05)
  2. SImax the maximum intensity, MRE% maximum relative enhancement, WIR wash in rate, and Tmax time to peak