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Table 2 Descriptive statistics for high- and low-grade gliomas regarding the overall rCBV ratios and spectroscopic data

From: The combined role of MR spectroscopy and perfusion imaging in preoperative differentiation between high- and low-grade gliomas

VariablesHigh grade N = 29Low grade N = 21P value
Age49 (4–72)26 (3–64)0.022
Cho/Cr mass3.5 (1.9–8.75)1.6 (1.6–1.8)0.0001
Cho/NAA mass5.1 (2–7.5)1.6 (1.2–1.8)0.0001
rCBVt3.5 (1.8–6.13)1.16 (0.5–1.7)0.0001
rCBVp2.4 (0.5–3)0.8 (0.29–1)0.0001