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Table 5 Comparison of UGIS and CT in the detection of sleeve gastrectomy postoperative complications (N = 78)

From: Value of contrast-enhanced multidetector computed tomography in imaging of symptomatic patients after laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy

ComplicationUGISCTChi-square test
No.%No.%χ2P value
1-Liver contusion00.01100.00.1870.665
2-Splenic tear00.02100.00.4440.505
3-Leakage from stable line1477.818100.02.5270.112
4-Perigastric collection and hematoma00.026100.048.077< 0.001
5-Gastropancreatic abscess00.01100.00.187< 0.001
6-Gastrobronchial fistula1100.01100.00.0001.000
7-Rectus sheath hematoma00.02100.00.4440.505
8-Portomesenteric thrombosis00.09100.014.222< 0.001
9-Mid-gastric sleeve stricture1100.01100.00.0001.000
10-Incisional hernia00.01100.00.1870.665
11-Increased size of gastric pouch9100.09100.00.0001.000
12-Hiatus hernia4100.04100.00.0001.000
14-S.C. seroma00.01100.00.1870.665
15-Port site hernia00.01100.00.1870.665
  1. This table shows statistically significant difference between UGIS and CT in the detection of perigastric collection and hematoma, gastropancreatic abcess, and portomesenteric thrombosis