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Table 1 Pathological entities of examined cases

From: The role of magnetic resonance spectroscopy in the differentiation of benign and malignant adnexal masses

 HistopathologyNumber of patients
Benign cases, 11 (45.8%)Simple serous cyst1 (4.2%)
Fibrothecoma2 (8.33%)
Mucinous cystadenoma2 (8.33%)
Mature cystic teratoma1 (4.2%)
Serous cystadenofibroma with torsion1 (4.2%)
Broad ligament leiomyoma3 (12.5%)
Tubo-ovarian abscess1 (4.2%)
Malignant cases, 13 (54.2%)Mucinous carcinoma2 (8.33%)
Metastasis4 (16.7%)
Mixed germ cell tumor1 (4.2%)
Mixed epithelial tumor1 (4.2%)
Serous carcinoma3 (12.5%)
Endometrioid carcinoma1 (4.2%)
Psammomatous papillary serous carcinoma1 (4.2%)