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Table 3 Clinical tumor staging of group B by PET CT scan pre- and post-therapeutic. Data are numbers (N) and percentages (%)

From: Delayed post-diuretic 18F-FDG PET/CT: can it help in determination of the best clinical decision for muscle invasive UB cancer patients?

Variable N%
Clinical tumor stage before treatment by PET CT scanClinical T2-T4a/ N2-N3/M017100
Clinical tumor stage after treatment by PET CT scanClinical T2/N0/M0211.8
Clinical T2/N1/Mo317.6
Clinical T3-T4a/N0-N1/M0635.3
Clinical T2-T4a/N2-N3/M0317.6
Clinical T4b/N1–3/M0211.8
Any T/Any N/M115.9
Response of the tumor as assessed by PET/CT pre- and post-treatmentResponse1164.7