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Table 5 Represents the characteristic of the lesions on CESM & MRI

From: The value of CESM in the evaluation of intraductal breast papilloma: a comparative study with DCE-MRI

Characteristic of massMRICESMP value
Range of size of lesion4-207.5-21T=2.9
Mean size of lesions± SD11.1±4.613.8±3.4P=0.005*(≤0.05)
Contrast uptakeN%N% 
• Positive451002862.2X2 =20.9
• Negative001737.8P=0.00**(≤0.001)
• Regular3985.73884.4Fisher's Exact =0.002
• Irregular614.3715.6P=0.99 (>0.05)