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Table 3 Radiological classification of cerebellar malformation by neuroimaging criteria

From: Pediatric cerebellar malformations: magnetic resonance diagnostic merits and correlation with neurodevelopmental outcome

Cerebellar hypoplasiaCerebellar dysplasia
1. Focal cerebellar hypoplasia1. Focal cerebellar dysplasia
Isolated vermian hypoplasiaPredominantly vermian hypoplasia
Unilateral hemisphere hypoplasiaPredominantly vermian dysplasia
a. Joubert syndrome
b. Rhombencephalosynapsis
Predominantly hemispheric dysplasia
a. Cerebellar cortical dysplasia
b.(Lhermitte-Duclos-Cowden syndrome)
2. Global cerebellar hypoplasia
(e.g., congenital CMV infection)
2. Generalized cerebellar dysplasia
(e.g., congenital muscular dystrophies)
3. Pontocerebellar hypoplasia
(e.g., disorder of glycosylation)
  1. DWM Dandy-Walker malformation, CMV cytomegalovirus