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Table 2 ESHRE –ESGE main classes, subclasses, and coexistent cervical/vaginal subclasses [6]

From: Role of three-dimensional transvaginal sonography compared with magnetic resonance imaging in diagnosis of Mullerian duct anomalies

 Uterine anomalyCervical/vaginal anomaly
Main classMain subclassCoexistent subclass
Class 0Normal uterus Cervix
C0 normal
Class IDysmorphic uterusa. T-shapedC1 septate
b. InfantileC2 double “normal”
Class IISeptate uterusa. PartialC3 unilateral cervix/ dysplasia
b. CompleteC4 aplasia/dysplasia
Class IIIDysfused uterus “including septate”a. Partial 
b. CompleteVagina
Class IVUnilaterally formed uterusa. Rudimentary horn with cavity (communicating or not)V0 normal vagina
V1 longitudinal non-obstructing vaginal septum
b. Rudimentary horn without cavity (no horn)V2 longitudinal obstructing vaginal septum
Class VAplastic dysplasiaa. Rudimentary horn with horn (bi-or unilateral)V3 transverse vaginal septum/imperforate hymen
b. Rudimentary horn with cavityV4 vaginal aplasia
Class VIUnclassified malformations