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Table 4 Sensitivity, specificity, PPV, PPV, accuracy, and AUC of the potential predictors

From: Prognostic factors of delayed cerebral ischemia after subarachnoid hemorrhage including CT perfusion: a prospective cohort study

 Cut-off valueSensitivitySpecificityPPVNPVAccuracyAUC
Hunt> 288.9%90%66.7%97.3%78.89%0.894
Fisher> 277.8%77.5%43.8%93.9%79.40%0.794
Aneurysm> 077.8%65%33.3%92.9%42.78%0.714
ACOM aneurysm> 033.33%95%60%86.4%28..33%0.642
  1. ACOM anterior communicating artery, PPV positive predictive value, NPV negative predictive value, AUC area under the curve