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Table 1 Demographic, clinical, and pathologic data of BRCA-mutant HGSC and BRCA-wild type patients

From: Ovarian carcinoma in patients with BRCA mutation - a correlation between the growing pattern of peritoneal implants evaluated by CT/MRI and the genotype BRCA1 and BRCA2

 BRCA wild-type (n = 11)BRCA mutant (n = 23)p value
Age, years old   
 Mean (standard deviation)66.6 (9.9)57.0 (10.0)0.013
Peritoneal metastasis pattern on CT or MRI, n (%)   
 Nodular7 (64%)14 (61%)1.000
 Infiltrative4 (36%)9 (39%) 
Intraepithelial lymphocytes on pathology examination, n (%)*   
 Present7 (70%)11 (65%)1.000
 Absent3 (30%)6 (35%) 
  1. *Information on intraepithelial lymphocytes not available in 1 BRCA wild-type carrier and in 6 BRCA mutant patients