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Table 1 Descriptive statistics of the studied group regarding age, histological type, HR, HER2neu receptor status, and molecular subtype

From: Breast cancer imaging features as a predictor of the hormonal receptor status, HER2neu expression and molecular subtype

 The studied groups
N = 60
 X ± SD56.48 ± 8.70
Histological type
HER2/neu expression
Molecular type
 Luminal A3456.7
 Luminal B1016.7
 Triple negative915.0
  1. NB: Of the Luminal B subgroup 6 cases were HR+ve and HER2neu+ve, while 4 cases were HR+ve, HER2neu-ve, and Ki-67 ≥ 14%
  2. X mean, SD standard deviation