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Table 1 Ovarian masses pathological classification

From: The Role of Diffusion Weighted Imaging in suspected cases of ovarian cancer

Ovarian lesions subtypes
MalignantNB (%)BenignNB (%)
*Primary ovarian tumorsSerous cystadenoma7 (13.7%)
 High-grad papillary serous6 (11.7)Mature teratoma3 (5.9%)
 Low-grade papillary serous4 (7.8%Mucinous cystadenoma3 (5.9%)
 Mucinous adenocarcinoma1 (1.9%)Fibrothecoma3 (5.9%)
 Endometrioid adenocarcinoma1 (1.9%)Fibroma2 (3.9%)
 Malignant germ cell tumor2 (3.9%)Endometrioid cystadenoma1 (1.9%)
 Malignant granulosa cell1 (1.9 %)Endometrioidcystadenofibroma1 (1.9%)
 Malignant endodermal sinus tumor1 (1.9%)Endometriosis with abscess2 (3.9%)
*Metastatic ovarian tumorsTubo-ovarian abscess4 (7.8%)
 Endometrial cancer2 (3.9%)Necrotizing caseating granuloma1 (1.9%)
 Uterine leiomyosarcoma1 (1.9%)Infarcted ovary1 (1.9%)
 Colon adenocarcinoma2 (3.9%)  
 Gastric carcinoma1 (1.9%)  
 Malignant mesothelioma1 (1.9%)