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Table 3 Prediction of vaginal delivery by measuring FHPD and angle of fetal head descent

From: Transperineal ultrasound of fetal head progression in prolonged labor: women’s acceptance and ability to predict the mode of delivery

 FHPDAngel of fetal head descent
Area under the ROC curve0.8410.913
Criterion≥ 4.2 cm> 115°
95% CI51.9–95.768.1–99.8
95% CI54.6–98.154.6–98.1
95% CI57.2–98.261.7–98.4
95% CI47.9–95.759.7–99.8
+ LR5.26.07
95% CI3.7–7.34.6–7.9
− LR0.240.079
95% CI0.05–1.20.008–0.8
  1. FHPD fetal head perineal distance, ROC receiver operating characteristic, CI confidence interval, LR likelihood ratio, PPV positive predictive value, NPV negative predictive value