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Table 1 The location of metastasis on presentation

From: Pivotal role of PET/CT in characterization of occult metastasis with undetermined origin

Variable Location of metastasis on presentation %
Location of metastasis on presentation Lymph nodes 22.8
Hepatic focal lesions 17.1
Osseous lesion 11.4
Pulmonary nodules 8.6
Pulmonary nodules and mediastinal LNs 5.7
Brain 5.7
Malignant pleural effusion 5.7
Pleural effusion and osseous lesion 5.7
Systemic symptoms (anorexia, progressive weight loss) 5.7
Peritoneal nodules and malignant ascites 2.9
Anterior abdominal wall mass 2.9
Hepatic focal lesions and osseous lesions 2.9
Fever of unknown origin and fits 2.9