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Table 4 The correlation between percentage change of the above-examined regions and the time interval in weeks

From: The role of 18-FDG PET/CT assessment of functional brain metabolism in cancer patients after chemotherapy

Region percentage change (%) P value
BG (R) 0.013
BG (L) 0.015
Cerebellum (R) 0.001
Cerebellum (L) 0.017
CF (R) 0.316
CF (L) 0.391
CR (R) 0.042
CR (L) 0.022
CG (R) 0.007
CG (L) 0.004
FL (R) 0.013
FL (L) 0.109
TL (R) 0.059
TL (L) 0.293
OC (R) 0.013
OC (L) 0.056
PL (R) 0.014
PL (L) 0.021
MT (R) 0.038
MT (L) 0.079
  1. BG basal ganglia, CR central region, CG cingulate gyrus, MT mesial temporal lobe, OL occipital lobe, FL frontal lobe, TL temporal lobe, CF calcarine fissure, PL parietal lobe