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Table 1 NCCN Criteria for CT Resectability of Pancreatic Cancer

From: Role of multidetector computed tomography in evaluation of resectability of pancreatic cancer

Resectable Artery: no contact with the celiac axis, SMA, or CHA
Vein: no contact or abutment with the SMV or PV
Borderline resectable Artery:
 A. Head or uncinate process
  Abutment or encasement of the common hepatic artery without extension to the celiac axis or hepatic artery bifurcation or abutment to the SMA or variant artery
 B. Body or tail
  Abutment to the celiac axis or encasement of the celiac axis without involvement of the aorta, GDA, and SMA
Vein: encasement of the SMV or PV or abutment to the IVC
Unresectable (locally advanced) Artery: encasement of the SMA or celiac axis, abutment or encasement of the first jejunal SMA branch, or abutment of the celiac axis and aortic involvement
Vein: occlusion or tumor thrombosis of SMV or PV or abutment or encasement of the first jejuna SMV branch
Unresectable (metastatic) Distant metastasis including non regional lymph node metastasis.