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Table 2 Comparison of changes in conventional, and dynamic MRI together with the clinical and surgical findings, including number of patients and their percentages

From: Unexplained back pain and sciatica: the added value of upright dynamic MRI of the lumbar spine in cases of clinical/radiological mismatch

  Spine alignment
Disc protrusion Ligamentum flavum buckling Spinal canal stenosis Foraminal stenosis
No./percent No./percent No./percent No./percent No./percent
2/2% 54/ 60% 9/10% 3/3% 3/3%
Dynamic MRI 9/10% 84/93% 72/80% 78/87% 22/24%
Clinical/surgical outcome 9/10% 86/96% 72/80% 80/89% 30/33%