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Table 1 Summary of the case

From: Intracranial silicone oil migration with encephalopathy: a rare case report

Patient (age, gender) 1 50-year old, male
Final diagnosis 2 Intracranial silicone oil migration with silicone oil-induced encephalopathy
Symptoms 3 Abnormal behaviour, decreased responsiveness
Past history 4 Type 2 diabetes, proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR)
Past surgical history 5 Laser for PDR in right eye
Vitrectomy and silicone oil implantation for vitreal haemorrhage and retinal detachment
Clinical procedure 6 Plain CT head, USG orbits, MRI Brain
Specialty 7 Radiology
Objective 8 To show one of the rare complication of the pathology
Background 9 Intracranial migration of silicon oil can cause encephalopathy
Case report 10 Intracranial silicone oil migration with encephalopathy: A rare case report
Conclusions 11 History of intraocular SiO implantation should be elicited in any case of non-dependant intracranial hyperdense lesions in CT. MRI of the brain will help to differentiate it from haemorrhage or tumour
MeSH Keywords 12 Silicone oil, intraocular, intraventricular, intracranial migration, encephalopathy, case report