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Fig. 2

From: Multi-detector computed tomography and 3Tesla magnetic resonance imaging in assessment of COVID-19 intracranial complications

Fig. 2Fig. 2

76-year-old COVID-19 male patient with sudden onset of left sided weakness (A) axial CT image shows right temporo-parital ill-defined deep white matter periventricular hypodensity, B, C Follow-up 2 days later of serial axial CT images shows progressive course regarding the size of the right fronto-temporo-parieto-occipital large right cerebral infarction with hemorrhagic component with sub-falcine herniation. D, E T1 WI, F, G T2 WI, H, I FLAIR, J–L SWI, M, N DWI, O, P ADC map, 7 days later MR follow up shows aging right fronto-temporo-parieto-occipital hemorrhagic infarction

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