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Table 4 Clinical symptoms of the studied patients. N.B: more than one symptom was present in the same patient

From: Diagnostic value of three-dimensional cube fluid attenuated inversion recovery imaging and its axial MIP reconstruction in multiple sclerosis

Symptoms Number of patients
1 Motor symptoms 100
 Weakness or paresis and walking difficulty
2 Sensory symptoms: 88
 Incl. hypoesthesia, paraesthesia and L- hermitte phenomena
3 Visual symptoms: 80
 Blurring or loss of vision
4 Cerebellar symptoms: 64
 Incl. incoordination, gait instability and ataxia
5 Brain stem symptoms: 40
 Incl. diplopia, vertigo and impaired speech and swallowing
6 Bowel and bladder dysfunction 32
7 Fatigue 60
8 Headache 32
9 Cognitive problems 16
 Incl. difficulty with memory and concentration