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Table 1 Different ligamentous injuries in CT arthrography

From: CT arthrography for demonstration of various articular injuries in post-sprained ankle pain

Affected ligament in CT arthrographyNumberPercent
ATFLPartial tear1836
Complete tear816
Total number of ATFL tear2652
Irregular thickness21 (80.8%)
Bowing/wavy contour5 (19.2%)
Deltoid ligamentSD tear24
DD tear1122
Isolated anterior band tear3 (27%)
Isolated posterior band tear4 (36.5%)
Both bands tear4 (36.5%)
Total number of deltoid ligament tear1326
CFL tear36
  1. ATFL anterior talo-fibular ligament, SD superficial deltoid ligament, DD deep deltoid ligament, CFL calcaneo-fibular ligament