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Table 1 RECIST 1.1 and PERCIST 1.0 criteria for therapeutic response evaluation [10]

From: Role of 18 fluorine-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography/computed tomography in assessment of neoadjuvant chemotherapy response in breast cancer patients

Responders CR Disappearance of target lesions CMR The target lesion shows absent FDG uptake or shows SULpeak less than the liver.
PR ≥ 30% decrease in the sum of the diameter of the target lesions PMR ≥ 30% decrease or at least 0.8 SULpeak decrease
Non responders SD Increase in size < 20% or decrease size < 30% SMD Increase or decrease in the SULpeak of less than 30%
PD ≥ 20% increase in the sum of the diameter of the target lesions or newly developed lesions PMD The target lesion shows an increase in SULpeak > 30% or at least 0.8 SULpeak increase or newly developed lesions.
  1. CR complete response, PR partial response, SD stationary disease, PD progressive disease, CMR complete metabolic response, PMR partial metabolic response, SMD stationary metabolic disease, PMD progressive metabolic disease