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Table 1 MRN examination protocol for the evaluation of the brachial plexus (FOVs from C2 to T2)

From: Additive value of magnetic resonance neurography in diagnosis of brachial plexopathy: a cross-section descriptive study

Sequences TR TE
Coronal T2-weighted 4279.0 103.4
Coronal T1-weighted 489.0 9.33
Coronal 3D FIESTA(SSFP). 6.32 34
Coronal STIR 3548 41.9
Axial 2D FIESTA(SSFP) FATSAT 5.7 2.66
Axial T1 526 9.8
Coronal 2D FIESTA (SSFP)FATSAT 5.4 2.5
Sagittal STIR 6099 43.3
Axial 3D FIESTA (SSFP). 5.7 2.1
  1. aTF indicates turbo factor, SPAIR spectral-attenuated inversion recovery, STIR short tau inversion recovery, FIESTA (SSFP (steady-state free precession) sequence, known by its different acronyms such as FIESTA (GE)